Loads of Fun!

Open sessions are a great way to have fun, in a safe/fun/friendly environment.  We have a full size competition trampoline next to our foam pit. We also have a large bouncy air trick floor, ropes, rings, crash mats, blocks, a high ledge to face your fears and more!

Book your open session spot

To book your spot, select the session below and then continue with the booking.  A few points to remember:

  • You can login with your facebook to make it easier to remember your details
  • If you book online you will still need to fill a waiver out when you arrive - only if it's your first time.
  • Your details will be saved on your online booking to make it easier each time
  • S3 Members: People who pay the yearly S3 membership fee get a discount per session, which pays for it'self in just a few sessions! Just select "S3 member" below and you will see and be able to book at the discounted rate. If you don't have a membership and book at the membership discounted price you will be asked to pay the difference before entry, as you MUST sign in when you arrive.