Your School at S3 Studios

Give your students something fun, engaging and different to do. 

"This is now our second trip to S3 studios and we will continue to book future visits as it provides students with an unforgettable experience."
Ms Da-Silva
Causeway School

Something Fun

Whether its for a enrichment day, sports day, fun day, reward for achievements or team bonding for the Teachers, S3 provides the perfect venue!

What could be more fun than leaping around in our Freestyle Gym, bouncing on the air floor, jumping (or falling) into the foam pit or facing your fear on the ledge of doom! what a great way to keep fit and have fun.

Something New

There is no other venue like this in or near Eastbourne. Not only that, but the owners and staff have extensive knowledge in the services they provide, which means that the pupils will get the most out of their experience at S3.

"The S3 studios team put together a bespoke package for our students including dance classes,a calisthenics session, a flips and tricks class and a freestyle gym session."
Ms Da-Silva
Causeway School

our facilities

2 awesome rooms!

  • Professional Tricking Air Floor
  • Professional Trampoline
  • Fun Foam Pit!
  • Jump off the Ledge of doom!
  • Crash Mats, Bars, Blocks & Apparatus
  • Climbing Wall

  • Sprung wooden floor
  • Booming Sound system
  • Wall to Wall Mirrors
  • LED Lights
  • Viewing Gallery

A Great place to build friendships...

Something Friendly

At S3 Studios you can’t help but have fun and make friends. The activities are set up to keep the pupils moving, engaged and working together in various different ways.

We have a fun/firm/fair attitude, and provide a place where the pupils can be themselves, in a controlled environment

"The day was well-organised and the staff were dedicated, supportive and engaging. We would highly recommend S3 to other schools. Thank you again for all you did to ensure that our students had a brilliant day."
Ms Da-Silva
Causeway School

Build Confidence

With tasks and activities designed for all fitness levels and body types, each pupil will come away with the sense of achievement.  

We have things to test even the most brave!

Build strength and get fit, in fun, energetic and creative ways

Something Physical

It seems to be getting harder and harder to keep kids engaged and entertained for sustained periods of time. We know that obesity is on the rise, and it’s more important than ever to make them WANT to keep fit and healthy.  

We think we provide a great alternative to their normal activities.

Optional Extras

  • Bouncy Castle Hire

Hire a bouncy castle to give the kids a special treat for their hard work

  • Certificates

Add that personal touch with something to take home at the end of the day

  • Slushy/Milkshake Packages

Add that special sweet treat for everyone with our Slushies or super special milkshakes

  • Food Packages

We can provide a simple and tasty lunch package to help make your life as easy as possible.  Food options can include Burger, pizza, chicken nuggets, hotdogs chips etc.  

Optional extras can include slushy/milkshake, sweets and cakes