Stay and Play (Ages 0-4)


Come along for our stay and play sessions. £3 for any length of time, 10am-1pm MONDAY and TUESDAY.  

All babies and toddlers must be accompanied by an adult.

PLEASE NOTE: The room can get chilly on cold days, so it is worth bringing your little ones along with a few layers and wrapped up.... Nothing that a warm cuppa can't sort!

These sessions are perfect for your baby to explore movemmet in a safe and fun environment. Their is a large bouncy (but completely flat) air floor, which is perfect to practice crawling, walking and climbing - and safe to fall on their bums!  There are dangly ropes to shake and hold, crash mats, trampoline to use on their own on held in mummy/daddys arms.

There is also a cafe for food and drink available including:

- toasted/normal sandwiches-
- sweets/cupcakes and snacks 
- tea/coffee 
- slushy
- milkshakes etc including twix, mars, oreo and normal).